Blogging Birds

Blogging Birds

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stop Viscose, Save Forest : UN Year of Forest- 2011

In the UN Year of Forest- 2011. My contribution as a Textile Expert would be to create awareness amongst the people against Viscose and its Forest Exploitation.

For all those , who are not aware, Viscose is made out of Wood Pulp and hence eats away our forest.

The current global capacity of viscose production is 2.5 million tonnes per year.

1 kg of Viscose = 4 kgs of Tree Wood
2.5 million tonnes of Viscose = 10 Million Kgs of Tree Wood
1 Tree of 20 years age = 500 kgs of Tree Wood
Viscose Deforestation per year = 20 Million Trees

Think of the environment before you buy a Viscose or Viscose Blended Fabric or Garment or any viscose substrate product.

Pls start a campaign writing under your emails, one of the options.


Think of the environment, before using Viscose Fibres, yarns, Fabrics, Garments.

Viscose :Non Sustainable Forestry.

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